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7 Plants and Flowers That Are Great as Skincare Ingredients

7 Plants and Flowers That Are Great as Skincare Ingredients

Think flowers are just for looks? Think again! These seven flowers make great ingredients in skincare products. Not only do they have amazing benefits for your skin, but they also smell wonderful. So next time you're looking to add a little extra pampering to your self-care routine, be sure to try out a product with one of these flowers. You won't regret it!

1. Rose: The beauty of a rose is both captivating and lasting. The natural oils it contains can help hydrate your skin, while also containing vitamin C which has been known as one way to fight off wrinkles! If you're looking for an aromatherapy scent that'll make people think twice before they stroll by without noticing what's going on with their own reflection in the mirror - this might be just perfect

The smell from these flowers may actually work miracles when applied topically because, not only does every single petal hold onto powerful antioxidants, but there are tons more beneficial properties hidden inside those delicate flowers.

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2. Lavender: Lavender is often used in spa treatments and aroma therapy, but the uses of this delicate flower doesn’t stop there. It has cytophyllactic properties which means it can be helpful for scars or wrinkles as well! The petals are also known to have a lightening effect on your skin when applied topically; they're perfect additions if you want an all-around rejuvenating experience at home with just one plant extract handy (and not many plants will fit into most recipes).

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3. Chamomile: The chamomile plant is a natural remedy for many ailments, including insomnia and anxiety. When it comes to skincare benefits are there too! The flowers can be used as part of your beauty regime because they're anti-inflammatory which will help with conditions like acne or eczema - not just on the surface but deeper down where inflammation has occurs due an infection from bacteria that lives in these spots. In addition their calming properties make them beneficial when applied topically . These plants have been found throughout history especially around legend times where people would use fibres taken form its stems during rituals.

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4. Calendula: Calendula is an excellent choice for anyone who wants soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It can relieve anything from acne to eczema, as well as diaper rash or insect bites! The petals also contain 19 carotenoids which fight damage on your skin while boosting collagen levels - this means it'll be effective against stretch marks AND scars too (not just one).

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5. Jasmine: Jasmine is a strong antioxidant that protects skin from sun damage and pollution. It also hydrates, smooths out wrinkles while nourishing dry areas such as elbows or knees with its calming effect to rank high among favorite organic ingredients for body lotions.

Jasmines have been used since ancient times in Asia medical practices where they were known for their healing properties including curing headaches by releasing tension through aroma alone!

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6. Elderflower: In the beauty world, elderflower has been a popular ingredient for years. From treating common flu and allergies to boosting respiratory health in addition to being an all-purpose skin care benefits that includes softening your wrinkles while fighting off acne breakouts—the list goes on! You'll find this extract used not only as part of toners but also face creams because it offers both antimicrobial protection against bacteria or fungi (which could otherwise cause infection) plus antioxidant nourishment including vitamin C which helps prevent future damage caused by free radicals.

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7. Hibiscus: The hibiscus flower is a natural source of elastin andactic acid, which help the skin to maintain its elasticity while fighting signs of aging like wrinkles. The plant also contains polysaccharides that make it very healing on top; not only does this amazing little beauty treatment agent work wonders for your face but you can use leaves from these pesky flowers in other parts if body as well!

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