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Repair Your Summer Hair

Repair Your Summer Hair

With summer coming to a close and our beach days behind us, it’s time to undergo some summer hair damage control. As much as we’ve enjoyed these past few months of beach waves and wind-tossed hair, our locks are finally giving in and crying out for some intense tender loving care. Whether it’s been the sun, wind, sea salt, or chlorine, we’ve got the perfect products to nurse your hair back to its shiny health.

Chlorine damage. While the pool has been perfect for summer fun in the sun, minus the hassle of traveling to the beach, pool chemicals like chlorine are known to strip our hair. To repair chlorine damage, all hair types should look to restoring moisture. For curly hair, try the gloEssentials Reparative Keratin Leave-In Treatment which infuses protein to fortify and rebuild hair at the roots while sealing the cuticle. For an added bonus, the leave-in treatment is also sulfate-, gluten-, paraben, and phosphate-free, on top of being color-safe and UV protected. For those with short hair, look to Pureology Hydrate Shine Max, a lightweight serum that works to instantly fight frizz while leaving hair looking and feeling silky smooth. For long or straight hair, chlorine often means dried, split ends and, even worse, breakage. Formulated to boost shine and restore smoothness, REDKEN Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intensive Treatment is designed to leave a protective layer of hair oils to strengthen hair in order to prevent further damage.

Sun damage. The culprit to faded, lackluster hair is the summer sun. To reduce sun damage, protect your hair as you would your skin and shop for products with SPF built in and go for treatments that moisturize and are heat protecting. While blondes may arguably have more fun, dealing with brassiness caused by a cocktail of sea salt and chlorine may not be the easiest to deal with. To improve blonde clarity, reach for the REDKEN Blonde Glam Perfect Platinum- Blonde Hair Color Treatment. It’s designed with color-depositing pigments to keep blonde color vibrant while still preserving warm tones. For red hair, Pureology Reviving Red Reflective Conditioner is the perfect solution to restore radiance. To gently cleanse natural or relaxed hair, try the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner to moisturize while leaving hair smelling fresh from a day at the spa. Medium-to long-haired women can look to theREDKEN Color Extend After Sun Shampoo which removes chlorine, minerals, and salt deposits. The unique formula also repairs color treated, sun damaged hair.

Beach damage. Though we love what the beach does to the texture of our hair, salt water often also dries it out and destroys our mane. Until hair is completely back to normal, try incorporating deep-moisture treatments into your regular shower routine. All hair types can use the gloEssentials Intense Recovery Conditioning Mask to repair, strengthen, and hydrate strands. To help repair the ends of long hair, try the Pureology Strength Cure Split End Salvedesigned with cationic silicones to attach to damaged areas where split ends can occur. This powerful leave-in treatment reinforces the cuticles to leave hair luminous and glossy. For short-haired women, reach for the REDKEN Clear Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. Together, the two gentle cleansers help to restore and rebalance the hair to its optimum moisture levels.