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Summer Solstice 

Summer is finally here, and your skin deserves a vacation as much as you do!  This is the season to let your skin breathe--replace heavy creams with light weight moisturizers, trade thick foundations for tinted sunscreens and swap dark lipsticks with natural colors.  Allow your body to radiate natural beauty and pamper yourself with oils, refreshing mists and fragrances. 

However, while this may be the season to lie back and relax, don’t slack on your daily skincare routine! Make sure to give your skin the extra attention it needs in the summer to avoid premature aging, sunburns, dark spots, and excess oil.  While soaking up some sun is unavoidable in the hot summer months, consider getting your full body glow from self tanners that contain SPF that will protect you from sun damage, keeping your skin looking smooth, bright and youthful.

Get your bronzed, sun kissed, summer glow with our list of summer beauty essentials, from SPF to cooling masks and self tanning lotions that will keep you moisturized, protected and flawless from head to toe.