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Youngblood Eyeshadow Brush

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Get consistent and even eyeshadow coverage with the Youngblood Eyeshadow Brush! The large pony hair brush head is the ideal thumb nail shape, allowing the effortless application of Youngblood Mineral Eyeshadow to the entire lid. Perfect for both loose and pressed eyeshadow, the rounded tip makes Youngblood Eyeshadow Brush your go-to brush for all-over color application. To use, dip the Youngblood Eyeshadow Brush into product, tapping off the excess powder and gently sweeping across the eyelid until the desired look is achieved. Lightly mist bristles with Youngblood Pro Brush Cleaner to keep your Youngblood Eyeshadow Brush clean and looking brand new!


  • Provides consistent and even eyeshadow coverage
  • Perfectly applies eyeshadow to the entire lid
  • Ideal for applying both loose and pressed eyeshadows
  • Soft bristles made with pony hair
  • Allows effortless application

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