Foreo ISSA Pro -
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Foreo ISSA Pro

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Clean your teeth like never before with the all new Foreo Issa Pro. Get the same results as a professional dentist teeth cleaning appointment without the hassle of leaving your home. Cleanse both your teeth and gums without the irritation of plastic bristles that can tear your gums and make them bleed. Whiten your teeth easily buy brushing twice a day for 2 minutes  at minimum. This silicone based toothbrush will remove plaque, food, and bacteria like never before. This amazing oral care innovation will make everyone want to ask about your new at home dentist. Exclusively at

Beauty Tip:

Use you with your favorite toothpaste, mouth rinse , or enamel care system.


  • Same results as an in office procedure
  • Can be used on teeth, gums, and tounge
  • Removes plaque
  • Will not irritate your gums
  • Whitens teeth with every use

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This is not just a toothbrush. This is ISSA! 01:11
  • This is not just a toothbrush. This is ISSA!