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Ducray Hair Care

The brand Ducray started in 1930 in a French hair salon. Albert Ducray, the son of dermatologist, discovered the poor quality and negative effects of using powdered soap for hair washing. He produced first shampoos that restore and maintain healthy physiological condition of the hair and scalp.


Today, Ducray is distributed in 96 countries worldwide with a key focus on:

  • Scientific approach - Understanding science; identifying problem; providing real solutions
  • Clinical expertise - Strict, rigorous systematic programs; tolerance & efficacy validated by clinical studies
  • Professional partnership - Offer the best initial treatments and adjunctive therapy

Skin Care Treatments

Ducray Offers 3 Collections

  • Thinning Hair: It is normal to shed 50-100 hairs per day. If shedding exceeds this amount and bald patches or thinning hair is noticeable, one is experiencing hair loss.
  • Scaly, Flaky Scalp: Our hair, like our skin, reflects our health condition. Stress, pollution, fatigue and also using inappropriate products can trigger the development of scaly, flaky scalp.
  • Aging Hair: With time, skin loses its firmness, elasticity and radiance due to the natural aging process. The hair and scalp endure similar changes. Hair aging includes a loss of hair thickness, strength and vitality.