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Skin Care Products for Dry Skin

Dealing with dry skin can be difficult. On the one hand, your pores are nearly invisible. However, dry skin creates more problems including a dull and often rough-looking complexion, patches of redness, and visible lines and creases. With dry skin, your skin is less elastic and is more prone to cracking, peeling, or irritation that itch or become inflamed.

Dry skin is often a hereditary issue, but as we age, skin can naturally become drier on its own. Elements in the environment also can weather our skin, especially from overexposure to the sun, or extremely windy and cold conditions. People that live in colder climates tend to suffer more from dry skin. This is due to the colder, drier air as well as from the indoor heating. For people that must take medications, they often find their skin becoming drier too.

The best way to deal with dry skin is to limit bathing to once a day and keep from using water that is too hot. You should also avoid scrubbing and use mild soaps and cleansers. A humidifier in your home can help bring moisture back in the air, especially when you’re using heating elements during the winter.

Another way to take care of dry skin is to use the proper type of moisturizer to hydrate and replenish your skin. You can find a wonderful array of skincare products formulated for dry skin right here!


Dermalogica Skin Kit


This product has been discontinued. We suggest the following product as the perfect substitute for this one: Anora Skincare***Get everything you need for your skin type in one amazing kit. Dermalogica has skin kits designed to target your skincare needs...

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EltaMD Lotion


Transform your chronically dry and itchy skin into beautiful, soft and silky skin with EltaMD Lotion!  This fragrance free, therapeutic formula strengthens the skin’s protective barrier with continued daily use. Ideal for use immediately after...

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