Bliss Fuzz' Off Facial Hair Removal Cream
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Bliss Fuzz' Off Facial Hair Removal Cream

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Face off with unwanted facial hair in the easiest way possible. Our ‘Fuzz’ Off Facial Hair Removal Cream works fast to remove hair from above your lip, on your chin or cheeks for a smoother you. No need to hold your breath. Our formula is infused with soothing willowherb for a fresh scent unlike other depilatories. Soothing vitamin E and a botanical complex of lemon, rosemary, and pine keep skin soft and supple. The overall result is gentle hair removal without irritation or foul odors. Plus, our unique two-sided, dual-textured tip ensures easy application as well as removal.


  • Gently and efficiently removes unwanted facial hair
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth, and hair-free
  • Soothing ingredients eliminate irritation
  • Smells fresh without that depilatory smell

 [  0.5 fl oz / 14.8 ml ]