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Bliss Skin Care

Bliss believes that the totality of happiness is a result of overall well-being. Bliss is designed around the goal of making clients feeling beautiful, healthy, and happy through life-changing spas and powerful skin care products. Led by the mantra of Bliss spas, the company uses their expertise and groundbreaking technology to deliver products to clients that are unable to make it to the spa, allowing for a customized at-home spa experience delivered straight to their homes. The main purpose of spa services and products is to make clients happy - the ultimate mission of Bliss. They aim to do so by empowering people towards the highest state of happiness, hence the motto, "Bliss is a happy place to be."


Global spa leader and innovator, Bliss. Ever since the company was founded, Bliss has delivered the best results for all walks of life. From individual skin needs to each person's personal necessity towards well-being. 

Skin Care Treatments

Milky and silky. The Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk deep cleans and refreshes the skin without changing its natural moisture balance. Formulated with four ligh hydrophilic oils, this cleanser also acts as a makeup remover while expelling excess sebum, dirt, and debris. What you're left with is clean, happy, and refreshed skin.