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A Fall Skin Care Collection

Fall is the season of change, and that includes your skin care routine! You’ve spent the last few months focusing on sun protection and avoiding excess oil & shine, but the dry, cool air of autumn brings more than just hay rides and pumpkin spice. Fall is the time to generate a skincare routine that will correct the damage done to your skin from a long summer of sun exposure and prepare you for the harsh, cold air of the winter months ahead of us.

Avoid dry, chapped and damaged skin by switching out your lightweight lotions for heavy creams, body butters and oils and invest in hand creams and lip balms to keep your whole body soft, healthy, and moisturized. Just like you would layer your fall outfits, don’t be afraid to layer your skincare products—the more moisture, the better!

Fall is also a great time to shop for darker colors, so update your makeup along with your skincare routine! Switch out your bright fuchsias and pastels for dark burgundies, soft smokey eyes, and earth toned nail colors for a perfect fall look.